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English-speaking yoga classes every Monday and Tuesday night.
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Középpont Jógastúdió | Garai Vali


IYENGAR yoga instructor
The unbearable lightness of pre-yoga life was the art of movement, contemporary dance, Balinese Dance, and multiple marathon-running. It was in 2003 when I tried the asana practice from the eight limbs of yoga for the very first time. Honestly speaking, and fallibly enough I considered it as playing music in space, dancing or as – God forgive me – physiotherapy to complement long distance running. It took ten years till it sunk in, that yoga will show my boundaries, give me the mirror to myself and of the world.
Visiting a yoga class for me – on the way out, one always feels better compared to the way in. Physically, spiritually, morally. By that I am touched, entranced or – best of all – moved to a silence that is vibrating round the room. During the yoga class, a subtle, effective deepening into the depth and detail of the asanas, we practice.

Sofia Karassantes

Hatha yoga instructor
For me, Yoga means unity: uniting body, mind and soul. During yoga practice, our consciousness is tuned to the consciousness of superior energies, making it easier to recognise the root of our blockages, the teachings of our re-writing circles, therefore helping us to get to the state of necessary change. I will help you to learn the right asana postures and breathing techniques in my classes. I’m going to teach you how to learn to tune in to your innermost self through the relaxation.
Középpont Jógastúdió | Karassantes Sofia


Iyengar yoga with Vali - Mondays 17:45-19:15
Iyengar Yoga is dynamic, physical and rejuvenating. All yoga equipment is provided. It is suited to all ages and fitness levels, making yoga accessible to all bodies at all stages of life. The steps you are making are doable and rewarding. There is an emphasis on precision and alignment in all poses and the appropriate use of props and sequencing. I will monitor the students and make adjustments, so you will practice the best possible way. Have a try, harvest your potential by advancing your physical, mental and emotional state. The class is instructed in Hungarian and English if required.
See you, Vali
Hatha yoga with Sofia - Tuesdays 19:15-20:45
We start the lesson with a couple minutes of chat, discussing your day, how is your body and what’s your actual mood. It helps me to perfectly adjust the lesson to your needs. We spend the first 15 minutes with a tuning in and body scanning, setting an intention for the practice. We continue with a pranayama technique and a warm-up sequence to prepare our body for the asana practise. The next 60 minutes is for the actual asana practise. We end our session with a 15-minute relaxation, with a full body-emotion-thought scanning.

These 90-minute practices allow you to explore your own interior silence. We can only connect when we are at ease. This is the place and time for you. Bring comfy clothes that allows you to freely move but forget your trainers. I’m looking forward to meeting you at my classes!


Iyengar - Mondays


Hatha - Tuesdays




Iyengar - Mondays


hatha - Tuesdays




  • Normal 3 500 HUF
  • discounted 3 000 HUF

    for pensioners & students


  • discounted 14 000 HUF

    2800 HUF / class
    Valid for 2 months

  • for 5 classes 16 000 HUF

    3200 HUF / class
    Valid for 2 months

  • for 10 classes 30 000 HUF

    3000 HUF / class
    Valid for 3 months

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Before your first class, please contact the instructor. 

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You can pay with either cash at the reception or by bank transfer. 

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We provide all equipment necessary for the classes, but feel free to bring your own mat if you wish.

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Középpont Jógastúdió